Marrano Building Safest, Most Energy Efficient Homes Ever

Marrano is incorporating new standard features that will increase safety and energy efficiency.

“These are the safest, most energy efficient homes Marrano has ever constructed.” said Anthony Marrano, director of purchasing for the West Seneca-based home builder.

Marrano homes will have foam sealed windows and doors. Outlets on exterior walls and box joists also will be foam sealed and all ductwork will be sealed with mastic material.

“The homes will become tighter,” said Craig Forsey, draftsman for Marrano. “These are subtle measures that will make a big difference in the energy efficiency of a home. The customer may not see some of these advances, but they will see the results in their utility bills and they’ll be more comfortable in their Marrano home.”

Home buyers will also be able to choose between direct power vent water heaters or tankless water heaters.

Direct power vent water heaters have a double piping system which brings fresh air to the unit from the outside using one pipe, while exhaust gases from the system are vented directly outside through a second pipe.

Tankless systems occupy 80 percent less space than traditional 50-gallon water tanks and are mounted on the wall, freeing up valuable space. When you go tankless, you never run out of hot water.

“We’re protecting the environment by constructing homes that will use less energy,” Marrano said.

Marrano is also improving the heating system in new homes, allowing fresh air to be distributed throughout the home and utilizing central cold air returns. No longer will they have return air ductwork on an exterior wall.

New safety measures include the installation of basement egress windows in all single- family and patio homes (Central Square Villas excluded). The full size windows allow residents a second way to quickly exit their basement in the event of an emergency. The windows add a main floor feel to the basement, providing natural light and ventilation.Second story windows will also provide a window opening control device, eliminating accidental window falls.   

All kitchen appliance outlets will be on dedicated circuits, improving fire safety. Kitchen and appliance outlets will be arch fault GFCI outlets to protect against shock, and basement electrical will be on its own circuit. There will be one outlet per car bay in garages, and garage electrical outlets will be on their own circuit.

“This is the future,” Forsey said. “It’s a growing trend within the new home building industry and Marrano is at the forefront of incorporating increased safety and improved energy efficiency in every home we build.”

Energy Efficiency

An egress basement window makes the living space safer and adds natural light

Published in the Buffalo HomeFinder: September 16, 2016