Design Center

Marrano’s experts help home buyers navigate the design process


Building a brand new house sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? (And it is.)

But the commitment comes with deciding what your home is going to look like. What color siding? What’s the kitchen style? Bath tiles? Cabinet handles? Wait, what kind of cabinets?

What should be a wonderful experience can often become stressful.

But not so with Marrano. The first step after committing to build begins with meeting your personal designer in the  state-of-the-art Design Center.

Marrano interior designers Terry Dayton and Raquel McPeek will tell you their jobs are to help you create a home to really live in. But in speaking with them, it’s easy to see their jobs are also part hand-holder, shoulder-to-cry-on, diplomat and cheerleader.

Our state-of-the-art Marrano Design Center is a perfect way to experience many of Marrano’s amenities that can be a part of your own home.


Design Coordinators help customers wade through the process of selecting everything from siding, flooring, and cabinets to light fixtures and bathroom cabinet hardware

The first stop after committing to build is a tour of Marrano’s  design center to meet with Terry and Raquel. It’s the start of a month-long process of picking out a home’s finishes.

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