Marrano Introduces the “Great Rate Buydown 3.50% APR Mortgage Program

Marrano Introduces the “Great Rate Buydown 3.50% APR Mortgage Program



Marrano Homes is turning back time with the introduction of its “Great Rate Buydown 3.5% APR Mortgage Program.” For the first ten years of the mortgage, Marrano homebuyers will have the opportunity to get a significantly lower mortgage interest rate than is currently available elsewhere and benefit from huge savings.

“We are committed to helping our customers achieve the dream of homeownership and the latest collaboration with our lending partners can make that a reality,” said Patrick Marrano, president at Marrano. “With a 3.5% APR buydown interest rate, the financing package represents a tremendous cost savings of $865 a month or approximately $104,000 in the first ten years, based on a $400,000 loan.”

“You read that right, the savings are real!” Marrano explained. “The 3.5% APR interest rate is locked in for the first 10 years of the mortgage. Today’s interest rates are hovering around 6.5% APR for a 30-year conventional mortgage. This EXCLUSIVE “Great Rate Buydown 3.5% APR Mortgage Program” pairs Marrano buyers with our prime lenders/banks to work through their specific financing needs. In addition, a rate lock up to 240 days is available, if needed, to protect the 3.5% APR interest rate while their Marrano home is being built.”

Another benefit to the “Great Rate Buydown” is additional buying power. You can buy a USED home for $370,000 with a monthly mortgage payment of $2,212 based on current interest rates of 7.0% APR OR you can buy a NEW Marrano home $500,000 based on 3.5% APR interest rate incentive.

With Marrano’s 3.5% APR mortgage interest rate incentive for the first 10 years, we were able to buy a brand new $500,000 home for the same monthly payment we would have paid for an existing home at current interest rates,” said David and Deborah Whitkowski. “We never thought it would be possible, but Marrano’s program made our dream of building a new home a reality and saved us $865 a month and approximately $104,000 over 10 years!”

You get approximately $130,000 more buying power when purchasing a new Marrano home! The program is available for all new home purchases of single-family, patio homes, and townhomes. Prior sales excluded; rates are subject to change and some restrictions apply. See a Marrano new home sales professional for more information by visiting any of Marrano’s seven model centers, open daily 1-5 pm, closed Thursday and Friday. Visit for model locations or call 716-675-1200.

“If you are on a tight schedule and need a new home with a faster delivery date,” continued Marrano, “we have a large selection of spec homes—everything from under construction to move-in ready. Specs are available in all price ranges and communities where people want to live throughout Western New York and Rochester.”

The “Great Rate Buydown 3.5% APR Mortgage Program” is Only Available at Marrano Homes. But hurry, this program won’t last forever.


Prior sales excluded. Rates subject to change. See sales representative for details.

**$865/month savings is based on a 30-year mortgage at today’s current interest rate

of 7.0% APR vs. Marrano’s 10-year 3.5% APR interest rate Buydown promotion.

After the 10th year, Purchaser can elect to either refinance or be at the then

current U.S. Securities 1-year maturity rate plus 3 points.