How to Start the New Home Buying Process in New York State

Marrano Homes has taken another step in its ongoing effort to provide homebuyers with an exclusive service that continues to set the standard in the new home building process.

The kitchen in Marrano’s Design Center has been remodeled to show the most recent design trends, and it has been opened up to make it a more relaxed setting for homebuyers.

“It’s a comfort zone,” said Anthony Marrano, vice president of Estimating and Purchasing and Design Center manager.  “Here they can sit down and review everything we have to offer in a setting that is as comfortable and current as possible.”

The kitchen shows new finishes, like brushed brass hardware and plumbing; different cabinetry colors, including navy blue; granite waterfalls, which pulls the granite down the side of a cabinet; new tile displays and warm hardwood floors.

“This is where homeowners can see their home begin to take shape,” said Hillary Lambert, one of Marrano’s two interior designers.  “They absolutely love seeing the bright, clean feel we are showing.  It is a lot more appealing than just sitting down in an office, selecting from small samples.

Marrano’s 3,000 square foot Design Center features 10 rooms, allowing homeowners to select their siding, hardwood flooring and carpeting, cabinetry and countertops, ceramic tile and plumbing.  95 percent of the selections are made right there.

“It’s very important for our homeowners to have visual aids and to be able to see the actual products they are selecting,” Marrano said.  “We have created a setting where they can actually see what the final product will look like.”

Marrano has designed a selection process that takes a lot of stress off homeowners.  “We walk them through the Design Center so they can begin to get some ideas of what they would like in their new home,” said interior designer Stephanie Krieger.  “We try to pace it so no one feels rushed or pressured.  We have timelines, but I think people feel pretty comfortable with the selection process.”

It has become common for homebuyers to show Lambert and Krieger kitchen and bathroom ideas they’ve pinned on their Pinterest pages.  “Here in the Design Center, we can actually bring their dream to life.”

Marrano’s homebuyers have taken notice.

“We expected that building a home could get overwhelming, what we didn’t expect was the amount of support, guidance and the overall great experience we would get from the design center at Marrano,” said Gina and Jason Graves, who are building in Marrano’s Summerfield Farms community in South Lancaster.  “Everyone was so in sync and made the process easier than we could have expected. Stephanie really went above and beyond to make it fun, informative and help us to make our choices. We cannot wait to see the finished product.”

“The building process can be overwhelming,” Marrano said. “We’ve created an area that makes it very comfortable for homeowners, at a pace that makes them feel that they’ve made the right selections, they’ve seen what they are going to get, and there won’t be any surprises in their new home.”

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