How to Start the New Home Buying Process in New York State

The process of simultaneously selling an old home and buying a new one can be stressful. What if I can’t sell my house? How will I afford to buy my new home? With Marrano Homes’ Safe and Sold program, this process doesn’t have to be so daunting.

“Our Safe and Sold program is designed to take the worry out of selling your existing house and allow you to build the home of your dreams with confidence,” said John Manns, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Marrano Homes.

“To date, Safe and Sold has helped put over 500 families into a new Marrano Home. This is not a promotion or incentive. It is a program designed to give you peace of mind.”

Marrano’s Safe and Sold program works by connecting homebuyers directly with a preferred local real estate agents who have the knowledge and experience to help navigate the process. The agent meets directly at the resident’s home, assesses if the house qualifies forMarrano’s Safe and Sold program and provides a comparative market analysis to help determine pricing for the house. The agent will then develop a strong marketing action plan that includes a pricing schedule, advertising, open house dates and bi-weekly status reports.

For a quicker sale, the participant’s house will be listed with a seven percent commission, but Marrano pays for one percent (up to $2,000) to reduce the amount the seller pays in listing commission.

Once the homebuyer is accepted into the Safe and Sold program, Marrano guarantees that the price

being paid for the new home will not increase. Participants are protected for 10 months from the day the new home agreement is signed, providing them time to still take advantage of historically low interest rates.

As an exclusive, complimentary service, Marrano provides sellers in the program with a certified staging expert to help maximize the visual appeal of their home.

In the unlikely event that the seller’s existing house is not sold by the time his or her new Marrano home is ready, Marrano will pay for the seller’s carrying expenses, mortgage and taxes for an additional five months (up to $1,000 per month).

“This is a team effort,” explained Manns. “But Marrano assumes the risk. Think of our Safe and Sold program as an insurance policy to make the process of selling your existing home and building your new Marrano home as stress-free and painless as possible. It’s 10 months of protection, allowing you to change your mindset from ‘if’ to ‘when.’” Marrano Homes is the only local new home builder to offer this type of program. “Strong relationships, an outstanding reputation and the determination to exceed expectations and earn our buyers trust in every aspect of the building process is what makes our Marrano Safe and Sold program so successful,” added Manns.

For more information, visit any of Marrano’s seven fully decorated model centers, which are open daily from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., except for Thursday and Friday. Additional details can also be found at

Buffalo News, Edition Homefinder 2/10/2018 

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