How to Start the New Home Buying Process in New York State

One of the hallmarks of building a home with Marrano is the attention to detail during every phase of the process, from selecting a home design, to construction, closing and even well after the move-in.

Marrano’s 10 Month Follow-Up Program provides home buyers with the confidence that if concerns arise after they move into their new home; Marrano will be there for them. If something requires immediate attention, Marrano will dispatch the appropriate technicians.

Ten months after the closing, homeowners are contacted to schedule a follow up by Marrano’s Customer Care Department. Vice President of Customer Care, Robert Doll explained that “A new home goes through a settling and dry-out process, where the framing lumber dries and shrinks. As a result, drywall will experience minor nail pops and slight cracks, caulk joints may require touch up’s and doors may require adjustment. “

That’s where Doll’s team comes in.

To make it easier for home owners, Marrano will schedule work to be completed with its
Contractor’s over a one to two-day period, as needed. “We try to schedule the requested service based on the customers’ needs,” said Annie Hoffman, Assistant Service Manager.
“We understand it is difficult for some to take time off for repairs. We do our very best to schedule all the different trade partners on the one or two days scheduled.” Exterior work is completed as weather permits.

“Each of our trade partners has a specific crew that are dedicated to doing service work,”
Hoffman added. “They are skilled craftsmen who take the greatest of care when addressing homeowner concerns. “It’s really important for us to address the needs of our homeowners,”

Doll states, “We regard our customers as family and view our follow up service as exceptionally important customer care. “

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